Saturday, October 15, 2016

We Heard That You Are Coming to Costa Rica!!!

Whether you are coming to Costa Rica on a well-deserved vacation or researching the country for a place to retire.....

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Then - 
You really need to check out our little town of Atenas.

Why Atenas? 

Because it is a great little town with wonderful people. A great town with many things to do, and places to see.

Besides being a peaceful town with a small-town atmosphere, where you can relax with the wonderful family-oriented people of Costa Rica. People who can help take you back to the days of the great family times of your childhood days.

 The local weekly Farmer's Market

Celebration of Boyero

Aerial View of Atenas

The tranquil  Central Park

A typical Expat Housing Development near Atenas

In Addition  
Atenas Holds Several Claims to Fame that make it a very attractive place to check out:
  • Story Tells it that National Geographic Magazine selected Atenas as having the 

Best Climate in the World

  • In 2010 - AARP rated Atenas as being the 

3rd Best Place in the World 

(outside the US) 

to Retire

And, finally
Atenas is Centrally Located to Many Places in Our Beautiful Country of Costa Rica

  From Atenas you will find that you will be:

About 30 minutes from:
  • The International Airport
  • Major Medical Care
  • Shopping Malls 
  • and... more
1-2 hours away from:
  • The Pacific Beaches
  • Many of the Great Costa Rica Attractions

Yes, Atenas is indeed centrally located, and that is  certainly a good thing! Think of it as:

 “My Home Base of Operations”

Many expats from all over the world have settled in Atenas. In a recent independent survey, Atenas was found to have the largest concentration of expats. In fact - More expats per population than any other place in Costa Rica.

What do you gain from this?
A very large network of people just like you, who  have experienced Costa Rica and can  answer your questions because they can relate to your needs!

once you have decided on staying in Atenas – You need to decide where you are going to stay…

And, we have the answer for you….

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